Heartland Bowhunter | Season 9

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 9

A new season always brings new challenges and this year was no different. Tag along with the HB crew to new places, with new faces and new adventures. Season 9 is the most unique season to date, featuring hunts from Texas, Illinois, Wyoming, New Mexico and across the entire country. Whether it's mule deer, elk, whitetails or even javalina, one thing remains constant - the HB quality of production.

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 9
  • "Utah" HB9.1

    Join the crew on one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, public land, high country adventures in the mountains of Utah.

  • "Utah II" HB9.2

    After finding success during the first portion of the hunt, the guys are mentally and physically exhausted, but continue to stay persistent in the high country.

  • HB9.3 | "Buckhorn Ridge"

    Trent Siegle is traveling to NE WY to hunt with good friend and owner of Buckhorn Ridge Ranch, Lloyd Pruet. During the early season the bucks are bachelored up in large groups and highly focused on food sources.

  • "Dude Ranch" HB9.4

    After struggling on our annual trip to North Dakota, Michael Hunsucker heads to Wyoming for a DIY deer hunt on a new ranch that he has never hunted. Scouting and doing the legwork will definitely be necessary on this pursuit

  • "Craig's Place II" HB9.5

    After such a successful hunt in 2014, Shawn Luchtel returns the same property to see if he can connect on another great mule deer. Although the bucks are very active and visible, getting them in bow range proves to be a little more difficult

  • "Sonic" HB9.6

    Michael Hunsucker returns home from a successful trip to WY just in time to try to capitalize on a mature buck in Missouri holding to his summer patterns. This time of year the deer aren't as difficult to catch moving in daylight, but bump them and you risk spooking them back into being nocturnal.

  • HB9.7 | "Crafty Clay"

    The youngest member of the crew, Clay Craft, continues to grow and become a better hunter through lots of time in the field with his father, Bryhn. This year, they shift their focus from Kansas to a new property in Missouri that is loaded with big bucks.

  • HB9.8 | "Pilot Bluff"

    Michael Hunsucker travels to famous Pike County, IL to hunt with Jeff Lindsey of The Lindsey Way. This farm has great deer numbers, but is still recovering form EHD and previous improper management practices. Mike looks to help Jeff accomplish his goal of harvesting mature management bucks.

  • "North 9" HB9.9

    Shawn Luchtel is back home in Missouri working on the family farm and getting everything ready for season. 3 years after EHD, he is starting to see age struture improve and is targeting a couple different bucks that his father and him have history with.

  • HB9.10 | "Lucky 7"

    Skyler Wirsig is hunting his family property in KS that they have worked tirelessly on to turn into a whitetail mecca. While still a work in progress there are several mature deer he has his sights set on.

  • HB9.11 | "Redemption"

    After a tough 2014 season, Ty Easley has done everything within his power to put the odds in his favor for the upcoming season. Having a lot of history with this property helps him know exactly where to be come November..

  • "Wexford" HB9.12

    The crew is headed to Texas for the first time ever to hunt with Kai Buckert at the Wexford Ranch. This target rich environment is a bowhunter's paradise.

  • "Lado" HB9.13

    After a successful whitetail hunt with Kai Buckert, Skyler Wirisig and Nate Flynn return to Texas to hunt for mule deer in the western part of the state. A new adventure that proves to be difficult, but achievable.