Heartland Bowhunter | Season 10

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 10

With this being our 10th season, HB has truly evolved over the years and we've done our best to be better storytellers. The unique experiences we have captured over the years have been remarkable and 10 years is somewhat of a milestone to us - so we set out to capture our best season to date.

Follow along with the crew as the adventures continue with our most productive year in the field. Vintage HB music incorporated with award-winning production makes this season one you do not want to miss.

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 10
  • "Sweat Equity" HB10.1

    Once again, the season has begun early for the guys. Shawn and Nate travel to Utah to hunt velvet Mule Deer. They will be roughing it as they struggle to hike into the high country on this backpack, mountain hunt.

  • HB10.2 | "Western Detour"

    Mike is on his way to hunt Mule Deer but receives a phone call that the elk are rutting in New Mexico. He takes a detour to elk country to chase screaming bulls.

  • "Sandy Grit" HB10.3

    Shawn has spent a lot of time in the sandhills of Western Nebraska. He is very familiar with hunting at Deer Meadows. He's also familiar with the mule deer that roam these baron hills.

  • HB10.4 | "Round 2"

    Rex drives to Eastern Wyoming to hunt with good friend Lloyd Pruett on the Buckhorn Ridge Ranch. After some struggles, he takes his hunting tactics from the treestand to the ground in hope to get a mature whitetail in range.

  • "Family Ties" HB10.5

    Skyler and his dad have never hunted Wyoming together. Bowhunting the Solitude ranch is a fitting destination to hunt as a family.

  • HB10.6 | "Mufasa"

    Trent is bowhunting his home state of Kansas in hopes of arrowing his #1 target buck, "Mufasa”, a true buck of a lifetime. Trent hopes to take advantage of early season cold fronts to catch up with this Kansas Monarch.

  • HB10.7 | "Black Hills"

    Mike is hunting the rut in Wyoming on the Solitude Ranch located in the Black Hills. He is very familiar with the ranch and has high hopes in arrowing a mature buck.

  • "Light Switch" HB10.8

    Nate Flynn begins his whitetail season in North Dakota. After struggling to get a shot at a mature buck he packs his bags and heads home to Missouri to find that his season turns around on the flip of a switch.

  • "Heartland Pide" HB10.9

    Mike and Ty travel west to Kansas to hunt with Heartland Pride Outfitters. The peak of the rut has hit and giant Kansas whitetails are on the move.

  • HB10.10 | "Spike Lee"

    Shawn has prepared all year to hunt his home state of Missouri. He has set out to only take a buck that is 5.5 years or older. Follow him as he handles a little bit of adversity in accomplishing his whitetail management goals.

  • "Texas Tradition" HB10.11

    Skyler, Nate, Clayton and Joel return south to the Wexford, a free-range Texas ranch operated by good friend Kai Buckert. After a successful hunt last year on the Wexford, the guys are excited to hunt this South-Texas paradise.

  • HB10.12 | "M-10"

    Rex's farm management takes up the majority of his year. He has watched a buck called "M-10" reach full maturity of 5.5 years old. Cold Weather and standing food are the perfect recipe to get him on his feet in daylight.

  • HB10.13 | "Chubs"

    After getting trail camera pictures of a unique buck at the age of 1.5, Mike follows “Chubs" from the very beginning all the way until reaching maturity. Several blown opportunities and close calls result in this wise buck reaching the age of 7.5 before finally making his last mistake.