Heartland Bowhunter | Season 8

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 8

Year after year, the adventures of the Heartland Bowhunter crew continue to evolve. From hunting giant whitetail deer in the Midwest to spot and stalk mule deer hunting out west, every excursion is it's own story within itself. Living the bowhunting lifestyle, there is never any shortage of excitement or adrenaline on this roller coaster ride of emotions. Join the team every step of the way on one of their most successful season of all time.

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Heartland Bowhunter | Season 8
  • HB8.1 | "High Country"

    The guys are starting off the season with a tough challenge. One that consists of hiking mountains, sleeping in tents and steep terrain in pursuit of Utah Mule Deer in full velvet.

  • HB8.2 | "Rusty Bottoms"

    New season, same location in North Dakota. This year the guys from Bowtech are joining the crew to hunt velvet whitetails at Central Dakota Lodge.

  • HB8.3 | "The Good Life"

    Michael Hunsucker is making the annual trip to Deer Meadows Outfitters in Nebraska but this time it’s much earlier in the season. The bucks are together in bachelor groups and in full velvet.

  • HB8.4 | "Craig's Place"

    Shawn Luchtel is traveling to Colorado to hunt with good friend Santino Castellanos of OuttaBounds. This early season mule deer hunt will be very similar to what Shawn is used to when hunting whitetails.

  • "Sacramento Screamers" HB8.5

    Michael Hunsucker has his first-ever elk tag and is hunting with Sacramento Mountain Outfitters in New Mexico. Elk numbers are high on the ranch so Mike has high hopes for successful hunt.

  • HB8.6 | "Fresh Start"

    Skyler Wirsig is kicking off his season in his home state of Missouri. The bucks are on early season patterns feeding on soybean fields.

  • HB8.8 | "Fueling the Fire"

    Clayton Campbell and his daughter Addy are hunting together in their home state of Kansas. Over the years Addy has really taken a liking to bowhunting. Her whitetail encounters are adding fuel to her fire.

  • HB8.9 | "The Good Life II"

    Mike Wirsig and Shawn Luchtel are at Deer Meadows Outfitters in Nebraska. Shawn knows what to expect going into this hunt, however, Mike is in pursuit of his first Mule Deer.

  • "HB100"

    A special edition episode to top off our 100th episode of HB.

  • HB8.10 | "Split Brow 9"

    Shawn Luchtel makes a trip to Northern Missouri in mid-October as deer movement is starting to pickup and bucks are establishing their territory.

  • HB8.11 | "Scarface"

    The rut is kicking off and the bucks are beginning to get aggressive. Using a decoy this time of year could be the ticket to luring in a mature buck.

  • HB8.12 | "Central Dakota"

    Nate’s waterfowl season has finally ended and he can change his focus to whitetails in North Dakota. Colder temps, frontal systems and the rut have deer activity at a high this time of year.

  • HB8.13 | "Anika Gnala"

    Michael Hunsucker is hunting a familiar ranch in Wyoming - The Solitude. The weather is brutally cold for this time of year but the guys are determined to tough it out in search for a mature buck.