Heartland Bowhunter | Season 7

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 7

From the show that revolutionized the hunting TV industry, comes another emotionally intriguing season full of enthralling bowhunting adventures from all over the United States. Follow the crews' every move as they pursue big game with bow and arrow, being humbled every step of the way. Learn from the mistakes and successes as the team figures out what works best for each unique circumstance. From rutting whitetails in the Midwest to screaming bulls in the mountains of Arizona, these excursions are sure to draw you in as if you were there!

Become a new breed of hunter…Heartland Bowhunter

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 7
  • "Homecoming" HB7.1

    Skyler has drawn the desired Arizona tag and is traveling back to his home state to hunt Elk.

  • "Missouri Management" HB7.2

    The guys have their first hunt of the season on their farm in Northern Missouri. They have intentions of lowering the doe population, however, Mike has found himself with another option.

  • "Western Descent" HB7.3

    Shawn and Rex trek west to Wyoming to hunt on the Buckhorn Ridge Ranch and The Solitude Ranch in a quest for deer. Whitetails and Mule deer are fair game.

  • "Next Generation" HB7.4

    Up and comer, Clay Craft, is trying to kick-off his season early in Kansas. Alexa Easley is after her first buck with a bow with her father, Ty, before the season closes in Missouri.

  • "Sandhill Muley" HB7.5

    Skyler and Mike make the annual trip to Western Nebraska to hunt with Scott Kuhn of Deer Meadows Outfitters. Skyler is pursuing his first-ever, Mule Deer.

  • "Barbed Wire" HB7.6

    Still after an elusive buck nicknamed “Barbed Wire”, Mike is walking the hills of Nebraska in search for a particular deer.

  • "Dan" HB7.7

    Missouri’s season has begun and Shawn is after a deer he has been scouting right in his own backyard. With ample amount of food his odds look very promising.

  • "Kansas Rut" HB7.9

    Mike is after his first-ever Kansas Whitetail while sharing camp with Jake Beam of Bushnell Optics.

  • "On a Roll" HB7.8

    Clayton is hunting his home state of Kansas for a unique whitetail that has some Mule Deer characteristics. Will his streak of luck continue in the Sunflower State?

  • "Lucky Walnut" HB7.10

    Follow Trent as he puts in all of the hard work throughout the season to find himself being successful in the same Walnut tree he knows all too well.

  • "Heathcoe" HB7.11

    Late-rut has began to set in, in Missouri. The bucks are scrambling to find the last does that are going into heat. Shawn is hunting near home but makes a change of plans and travels to the Northern Missouri farm.

  • "All In" HB7.12

    Skyler is wrapping up his whitetail season in Kansas with Clayton. He’s hunted numerous years with little to no success. His luck is bound to change with all of his chips on the table!

  • "Migration" HB7.13

    While most archery seasons have winded down the crew is creating a new challenge of hunting Canada geese with their bows.