Heartland Bowhunter | Season 6

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 6

The next movement of the show that changed the way you view hunting. From the beginning, Heartland Bowhunter was founded on one guiding principal, quality. Outdoor Channel's debut season of this award winning, hit series proves to be another captivating and thrilling season. Follow this passionate crew of bowhunters and cinematographers through the ups and downs of bowhunting across the mid-west and beyond. If you're a hardcore bowhunter, this is a season you won't want to miss!

Follow a new breed of hunter...Heartland Bowhunter

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 6
  • HB6.1 | "NoDak"

    Yet another year starting off the season with Nate Flynn and Central Dakota Lodge hunting the pothole region of North Dakota. Trees are scarce, but big velvet bucks are plentiful.

  • "Solitude I" HB6.2

    Mike, Shawn, and his dad Rex are headed west to Wyoming for an early season whitetail hunt with Mike Schmidt and Bob Lott of Intrepid Outdoors. The Solitude ranch has been managed for quality whitetails for several years now and is producing some record book deer for WY.

  • HB6.3 | "Solitude II"

    Still in Wyoming at the Solitude Ranch the guys are trying to fill their tags as the bucks are starting to shed their velvet.

  • "Montana" HB6.4

    Nate Flynn catches a break from the lodge in North Dakota and heads west for a high-country Montana elk hunt.

  • "Arizona" HB6.5

    Shawn Luchtel and Mike Wirisg both drew the coveted Arizona elk tag. After waiting years for such an incredible opportunity, hopes are high for big bugling AZ bulls!

  • "Clover" HB6.6

    The crew is back home getting everything ready for season and planting food plots to help produce some good early season hunting when the bucks are still grouped up and sticking to their summer patterns.

  • "Lull" HB6.7

    With a successful early season under their belt, the guys hopes to continue their luck while hunting during one of the most difficult times of the season. Bucks are moving very little in daylight, but can still be caught close to their bedding area.

  • HB6.8 | "Hook"

    Mike and Shawn are headed back to Western Nebraska to hunt with Scott Kuhn of Deer Meadows. This spot and stalk, sand-hill adventure is always a welcomed change from tree stand hunting in the Midwest.

  • HB6.9 | "KS Surprise"

    Newest member and videographer for HB, Trent Siegle, takes a break from running the camera and tries his luck in front of the camera in his home state of Kansas.

  • "Young Gun" HB6.10

    Youth hunter Clay Craft is hunting his home state of Kansas in hopes of filling his archery tag with another big buck.

  • HB6.11 | "Rut"

    The rut is in full swing and the crew is hunting all across the Midwest trying to catch a crazed buck on his feet cruising….A lot of rattling, grunting and decoying this time of year.

  • HB6.12 | "Fate"

    Skyler is headed east for his first ever hunt in the Buckeye state.

  • HB6.13 | "Slick Willy"

    Clayton continues his 5 year quest for a giant KS buck he calls “Slick Willy”. With the rut winding down and the deer concentrating on food sources, this might be his best chance.