Heartland Bowhunter | Season 5

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 5

Season 5 of the award winning hit series, Heartland Bowhunter, proves to be yet another exciting and emotional season. Join the crew as they Bowhunter the mid-west and beyond for whitetail, mule deer, and even moose. Each captivating episode presents a new and different story with a different outcome. Heartland Bowhunter continues to lead the industry with its quality of production. So if you're a hardcore bowhunter, this is a season you won't want to miss!

Follow a new breed of hunter...Heartland Bowhunter

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 5
  • "Tradition" HB5.1

    As summer winds down, the crew is getting prepared for the upcoming season and the first trip of the year to North Dakota to hunt with Nate Flynn of Central Dakota Lodge. Shawn is up to bat this time and is trying to get his first ever velvet whitetail.

  • "Western Challenge" HB5.2

    Nick and Matt White head West to WY for the second leg of the Campbell Outdoor Challenge.

  • "Canada" HB5.3

    Skyler and Clayton road trip to Canada for the first ever moose hunt.

  • "Sandhills" HB5.4

    Shawn and Mike venture to Western Nebraska for their annual hunt with Deer Meadows Outfitters after a spot and stalk mule deer buck.

  • "Clay Craft" HB5.5

    Introducing Clay Craft - the newest member of the HB team and son of Whitetail Properties Land Specialist, Bryhn Craft.

  • "Overdue" HB5.6

    Skyler and Clayton are hunting during the rut in Northern Missouri.

  • "Traveler" HB5.7

    With October coming to an end, the guys are spending a lot of time in the tree all over the mid west waiting for the rut to break loose. Join Mike and Rex in the tree during that magic time!

  • "Backyard Buck" HB5.8

    After a tough trip to Iowa, Matt returns home to some good news on the trail cameras.

  • "Muddy Junkyard" HB5.9

    Shawn and Mike head north to hunt with the Muddy Outdoors crew in Iowa.

  • "Silo II" HB5.10

    Nick White is hunting in KS and ends up in a familiar blind where his brother Scott had some luck the year before.

  • "Daddy Fat Sack" HB5.11

    The rut is winding down and the deer are transitioning back to food sources. Several acres of standing beans prove to be a hot spot the first week of December.

  • "QDM" HB5.13

    The guys are hard after it thinning out the doe population on the properties with high deer densities.

  • "Down to the Wire" HB5.12

    Scott White has a tough time connecting during the rut in KS but redeems him self in the last few days of season.