Heartland Bowhunter | Season 3

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 3

Finally a hunting show the whole family will enjoy. Share camp with the HB crew as they take to the field for another season chasing antelope, mule deer, bear, elk, turkey, and whitetail deer across the Midwest. The Heartland Bowhunter crew does it again bringing you as close as you can get to the outdoors while still sitting on the couch with stunning HD video.
Join the team through their ups and downs as they travel down that "wicked twisted road."

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 3
  • "Speedgoats & Screamin' Bulls" HB3.1

    Jeff is headed west for some late August spot & stalk antelope hunting in South Dakota with Miller Mathews Outfitters, then to Montana to chase giant bull elk with BD Ranch and Western Skies Land Co.

  • "Velvet Res Tag" HB3.2

    The crew is planting fall foodplots, glassing velvet whitetails, and monitoring Reconyx cameras before the season opens. Meanwhile Dusty was lucky enough to draw an early reservation tag in Eastern Nebraska. Season opened September 5th leaving dusty a few days to go after velvet bucks!

  • "Oh My Gosh" HB3.3

    Skyler and Mike are headed back to North Dakota to hunt with good friend Nate Flynn at Central Dakota Lodge for their annual season opener whitetail hunt. With an opening day of September 4th this year, velvet bucks are few and far between, but that doesn’t deter Skyler from getting after it!

  • "Quality Deer Management" HB3.4

    Quality deer management is the theme. Follow along as the crew manages their whitetail heard and experiences some of the tough decisions that must be made in a full blown QDM program.

  • "Sandhill Mulies" HB3.5

    Jeff is spot & stalking huge mule deer in the sand hills of Nebraska and South Dakota.

  • "Decoys & Trouble" HB3.6

    Mike and Skyler travel to Northwest Missouri, decoy in tow. Dusty catches up with “Trouble” a buck he knows all too well.

  • "Lucky Tree" HB3.7

    Mike & Jeff are hunting giant whitetails during the rut in Iowa. Mike is hunting the loess hills with Whitetail Properties’ Jason Smith and Chad Freeberg, while Jeff returns to one of his favorite trees in Iowa aiming to harvest an Iowa buck for the second straight season.

  • "Post Rut" HB3.8

    The rut is winding down and the deer are transitioning back to the food sources. The guys change their strategies and try to capitalize on hungry vulnerable bucks.

  • "Sticker 8" HB3.9

    Mike and Shawn pursue a cat-like, Missouri buck with what seems like 9 lives. After watching “Sticker 8” all summer, they finally catch up with him for the first time in the stand in early November.

  • "White Brothers" HB3.10

    The guys travel to central Kansas to hunt turkeys with the newest members of the crew, Nick, Matt, and Scott White.

  • "Who's That Lady?" HB3.11

    The team is chasing turkeys back home in Missouri

  • "Northern Missouri Gobblers" HB3.12

    The crew heads to the big timber of Northeast Missouri in pursuit of big eastern gobblers.

  • "Manitoba Black Bear" HB3.13

    Head to Manitoba for Nick's first black bear.