Heartland Bowhunter | Season 16

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 16


Season 16 takes you all over the US starting with elk hunts from public ground in NM & the Missouri River Breaks of Montana, transitioning to incredible whitetail hunts from Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Ohio and even North Dakota! Bowhunting comes with great amounts of emotion. Excitement, sometimes despair, laughter, thrill but most importantly, fulfillment through the connection with nature. As we journey into a new season we bring you the highlights of what's to come in our 16th Season.

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 16
  • HB 16.1 | In Tight

    Shawn & Mike were lucky enough to both draw NM Elk tags and are headed west to visit long-time friend Eddie Ortega from Hunters New Mexico. While they had both hunted there before and had a pretty good idea of what to expect, neither of them could have imagined just how crazy the hunt would go.

  • HB 16.2 | Elk Frenzy

    The Missouri River Breaks of Montana is an amazing place to hunt elk that we are no stranger to. Nate & Clayton both drew tags and couldn’t wait to get to Flatwillow Creek Outfitters for what would be Clayton’s first elk hunt in almost 20 years.

  • HB 16.3 | Lasting Legacy

    Mike heads to Ohio for the Trophy Rock Hunt giveaway with winner Steven Rammage in hopes of having a great hunt in honor of our good friend Gene Price.

  • HB 16.4 | Like Father, Like Son

    The Hunsucker boys have grown up immersed in the bowhunting lifestyle and are now finally of age to hunt themselves. Mike, Kamden and Noah are all 3 trying to catch up with bucks in their home state of Missouri.

  • HB16.5 | Caesar

    The story of Caesar was one we have been piecing together for a very long time. After chasing him for many years, Shawn was able to connect with Caesar and put a perfectly placed bow shot on his biggest buck to date! We hope you enjoy getting to know Caesar as well as we did and see the story of ...

  • HB16.6 | Plains Double

    Mike & good friend Tony Warnock have hunted together for years, and although they have hunted some pretty amazing deer in Colorado, it’s not often you get to pursue a giant double drop-tine buck like the one that had their attention this year!

  • HB16.7 | Leepers

    Steve & his son, Dawson, are hunting Missouri in hopes that all of the hard work they have done in the offseason will pay off big!

  • HB16.8 | Kansas Connection

    Skyler & Clayton have hunted together since the beginning and Skyler’s son, Jackson, has grown to know him as “Uncle Clayton”. Join the 3 of them as they hunt KS on some of the properties they have been managing for years.

  • HB16.9 | Work & Play

    While wrapping up his waterfowl outfitting season, Nate gets a chance to squeeze in a few hunts in North Dakota before heading back to Missouri to hunt for the first time since the early season.

  • HB16.10 | Generations Collide

    Hunting is a family affair for the Easley’s and this year would truly be one for the ages. Follow along Terry, Ty and Hunter all chase bucks back home in Missouri.

  • HB16.11 | In Plain Sight

    The November hardwoods in Missouri are what we dream of as hunters. While Rex’s favorite time of the year to hunt is late season, this year his success came a little earlier than normal!

  • HB16.12 | One For The Books

    While we all have high ambitions when it comes to a new season, they rarely unfold just how we want them to. For the Wirsig's though, Skyler and Mike couldn’t have drawn it up any better!

  • HB16.13 | Floppy

    Years in the making, Mike is chasing the most unique whitetail bucks he has ever hunted. Named after his injured, lame ears, “Floppy” proved to be one of the smartest and illusive bucks Mike has ever hunted.