Heartland Bowhunter | Season 15

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 15

Bowhunting comes with great amounts of emotion. Excitement, sometimes despair, laughter, thrill but most importantly, fulfillment through the connection with nature. As we journey into a new season we bring you the highlights of what's to come in our 15th Season.

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 15
  • HB 15.1 | Montana Horseshoe

    Skyler kicks off the season with a trip to Flatwillow Creek in Montana with an elk tag and a deer tag!

  • HB 15.2 | Bittersweet

    With a rare tag in pocket, Nate heads to Utah to chase giant bull elk.

  • HB 15.3 | Change Up

    Nebraska has always been a special for the HB team. With a tag for either species of deer, Shawn heads to the Cornhusker State with plenty of options.

  • HB 15.4 | Near & Deer

    Nothing compares to hunting around home. Mike, along with his family, hunt their home state of Missouri.

  • HB 15.5 | Bonus Buck

    Patterning bucks year after year has become routine for Shawn. When a surprise buck appears on the farm, a new dilemna presents itself.

  • HB 15.6 | Kraken

    Follow along as Skyler & his crew chase a Kansas buck that's had their number year after year.

  • HB 15.7 | Matter of Time

    With peak rut activity and plenty of bucks, Mike stays patient for an opportunity at a Colorado whitetail.

  • HB 15.8 | Here We Go!

    Nothing can replace the early memories for a bowhunter. Join the journey as Jack Wirsig draws a youth tag and attempts to harvest his first ever deer.

  • HB 15.9 | Comeback Kid

    Stalking early season bucks in the milo fields of Kansas is a new adventure for Chandler. After striking out, he heads back in November to get another opportunity.

  • HB 15.10 | Double Drops

    Mike and Ty spend a week in Kansas hunting whitetails during the peak rut. A once-in-a-lifetime buck presents a shot to one of them that has capitalized on this type of moment in the past.

  • HB 15.11 | Dry Spell

    Alexa has had her fair share of heartaches while bowhunting in recent years. Will this be the year she finally evens the score?

  • HB 15.12 | Campbell Curse

    Some hunters can't seem to buy a break. Clayton has a season to remember for all the wrong reasons!

  • HB 15.13 | Nifty Nine

    Year after year, a buck named "Nifty Nine" has eluded the team. See if Rex can finally catch up with the MIssouri legend.