Heartland Bowhunter | Season 13

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 13

Bowhunting is our passion. Documenting and sharing the ups and downs of the sport is our mission. Year after year, we've strived to bring you top notch outdoors production. We're proud to say Season 13 will go down as our very best. This year, we explored new places. Chased new game. Shared camp with new faces. We also stayed true to our roots and hunted the Midwest states where we grew up cutting our teeth.
We hope you enjoy Season 13 as much as we enjoyed capturing it for you.

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 13
  • HB13.1 | Mountain Climbers

    For the first time ever, Mike and Shawn head to Kodiak Island to hunt mountain goats with childhood friend, Cole Kramer. For years, they have applied for tags in hopes of pursuing these elusive, sure-footed climbers.

  • HB13.2 | Giddy Up

    Having never killed an antelope, Trent heads to Wyoming a little early to see if he can fill a tag before he starts hunting velvet whitetails.

  • HB13.3 | The Last Bugle

    It's been a goal of Brads to shoot an elk with a bow for a long time. After several unsuccessful hunts, he is excited at the opportunity to hunt an amazing area in Utah with good friend Kregg Thomassen.

  • HB13.4 | Flatwillow Creek

    Skyler and his dad, Mike, are headed to the Missouri Breaks of Montana for the first time chasing elk with Flatwillow Creek Outfitters. This area is known for producing trophy elk and with season just getting started, hunting water holes can be extremly effective.

  • HB13.5 | Opportunists

    For the second year in a row, Mike was lucky enough to draw a highly sought-after Montana elk tag. He also has antelope and mule deer tags and with all 3 species on the same ranch, it will be an action packed hunt!

  • HB13.6 | Lasting Legacy

    Sharing time in the woods with friends and family is what it's all about for the Easley's and this fall was one of their most memorable to date! While hunting in their home state of Missouri, Ty and his dad target two of the oldest bucks on the farm.


    For the first time ever, Mike heads to the Eastern Plains of Colorado to hunt a new property with good friend Tony Warnock. With an either species tag in his pocket, Mike can hunt both whitetail and mule deer, both of which are extremely prevalent on the property.


    Once again, Mike drew a coveted Iowa tag and returns to hunt with Jeff and David Lindsey. The Lindsey's are as hard-core as it gets when it comes to managing for whitetails and are in one of the best areas in the country.

  • HB13.9 | BACK TO BACK

    Some treestand locations are just special. After Skyler arrowed his biggest buck ever out of the "rut funnel" stand in Missouri last season, anticipation was high to climb back in as November rolled around. This time Clayton would be behind the bow to see if lighting could strike twice.

  • HB13.10 | Heartland Surpirse

    Mike and Ty head to Kansas for their annual hunt with Heartland Pride Outfitters. This year, after purchasing a new homestead property, the guys were surprised to find a giant buck roaming the area. With the rut in full swing and the bucks cruising, the guys were confident they would get an oppor...

  • HB13.11 | Windmills & Whitetails

    Shawn is no stranger to Kansas, but this time he's hunting with new friend Cole Schumacher on his family ground that is known for producing giant whitetails. It's the peak of the rut, so stakes are high!

  • HB13.12 | Lone Star

    One of the most fun trips of the season, the crew heads to South Texas to hunt the famous Wexford Ranch. The goal is to assist with lofty management objectives and possibly run into a trophy or two along the way.

  • HB13.13 | Backyard Buck

    After purchasing a new property and building a house, Skyler wasted no time in getting things set up for deer season with hopes of shooting a buck behind his house the very first year.