Heartland Bowhunter | Season 11

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 11

Being a bowhunter is so much more than pursuing an animal with stick and string. To be successful on a consistent basis it takes time, devotion, dedication and patience. For us, it is a way of life. One that we are proud to live and a tradition that we are honored to uphold.

Year after year unforgettable memories are made through adventures across the country. From year of first - hunting Brown Bear on Kodiak Island, Alaska to a year of tradition - hunting North Dakota for a decade straight, this season offers some of our best experiences yet, all centered around the lifestyle of the bowhunter.

Heartland Bowhunter | Season 11
  • HB11.1 | "Kodiak"

    Kodiak Island, Alaska is home of some of the biggest Brown Bears in the world. This hunt is one that’s been on Mike's bucket list for quite some time and after making plans with guide and high school friend, Cole Kramer, he was in for an adventure that he will never forget.

  • "Uncharted Territory" HB11.2

    The guys are no stranger to the high-country of Utah, however this season they venture to a new area with hopes of finding a hidden gem.

  • "Double Velvet" HB11.3

    Rex and Erin Luchtel are headed west for some early season whitetail action in NE WY at the Buckhorn Ridge Ranch. Over the years we have made many great memories and this year this father daughter duo is in search of their first velvet bucks.

  • "The Breaks" HB11.4

    Shawn and Mike have hunted mule deer all over the country, but never before in Montana. The Missouri River Breaks are an area known for its abundance of wildlife both big and small. High deer numbers and easily navagable terrain make for some up close and personal spot and stalk bowhunting.

  • "Lost Valley" HB11.5

    Mike is kicking off his season with a new adventure hunting off horseback for mule deer in the high country of Colorado, then meeting up with Shawn in Montana.

  • "Decade" HB11.6

    This year marks the 10th season that Skyler has shared camp in North Dakota, a tradition almost as old as HB itself. Early season whitetails and summer patterns typicaly lead to a high success rate, especially when the conditions are right.

  • "3 For 3" HB11.7

    Nate, Skyler and Mike Wirsig are all familiar with hunting in NE Wyoming, but this year finds them hunting a new property that they hadn't stepped foot on before. High deer numbers and great age structure always make for good hunting in Wyoming.

  • "9 Lives" HB11.8

    The name "9-Lives" isn't a name given to a buck at a young age. It’s a name that's earned and one that carries a lot of weight. The story of "9-Lives" starts back in 2013 before he had earned the name. Over the course of the next few years this buck would grow into a buck that was highly targeted...

  • "HiJack" HB11.9

    Hunting in his home state of Missouri, Ty Easley is after a buck that he has a lot of history with and estimates to be 7 or 8 years old. Going into the season, he had made the decision that HiJack was the only buck he would be going after and honed in tight on his core area hoping he would make a...

  • "Brick" HB11.10

    Over the years Skyler and his dad Mike have intensely managed their propety in KS and keep close tabs on the deer that frequent it. Aptly named, Brick, a huge bodied buck became a regular and with the whole family in town, he was on the hit list if he offered an opportunity.

  • HB11.11 | "The Lindsey Way"

    After several years of not drawing a tag, Mike is headed back to Iowa to hunt with Jeff and David Lindsey from The Lindsey Way. The rut can be a speical time to hunt anywhere in the Midwest, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better place to be than Southern Iowa.

  • "Heartland Squared" HB11.12

    This year Shawn joins Mike & Ty for their annual trip to Western Kansas to hunt with Heartland Pride Outfitters. This area of KS has some of the best age structure in the Midwest and the terrian and creek systems offer some of the most textbook rut funnels available.

  • "Bent G2" HB11.13

    Adversity is something that we commonly have to overcome as bowhunters, however this season provided more obsticles than normal for Shawn. Getting down to the wire late in the season, Shawn attempts to capitalize on cold weather and standing food.