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Watch HB12.4 | ELK TOUR

Watch HB12.4 | ELK TOUR


Heartland Bowhunter | Season 12 • 21m

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  • HB12.5 | Luck of the Draw

    Skyler's dad, Mike Wirsig, is no stranger to elk hunting in Arizona. As a resident, his odds are higher than most to draw a tag, however he never thought that he would be forutnate enough in his lifetime to draw a tag for one of the top units in the state. Truly a tag most only dream about getting.

  • HB12.6 | Lil' Toledo

    Shawn is in his home state of Missouri going through his normal preparation for whitetails. The season kicks off but seems to slower than normal. With having little luck in Missouri Shawn heads to his neighboring state of Kansas to find first day success.

  • HB12.7 | Bovice

    Building history with deer on the properties we hunt is one of the most rewarding processes as hunters and land managers. The story of a buck nick-named Bovice began way before we even knew it after getting trail camera pictures of him for the first time. Follow the multi-year journey as Mike, Sh...